Lovelace Day of Dance 2016

Last week over the Valentine’s Day weekend Dr. Linda Ann Smith participated in The Lovelace Day of Dance. Lovelace Women’s Hospital is sponsoring Day of Dance in the month of February to help promote heart health. February also marks American Heart Month, a great time to make small changes like reducing salt intake and becoming more physically active leading to a lifetime of heart health.

The Day of Dance 2016 event took place at the Albuquerque Embassy Suites on Saturday, February 13th where Dr. Linda Ann Smith and Marlyn Newby, NP cut a rug with professional dancer Michael Walker as they performed the Argentine Tango for an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. Dance is an anti-aging activity and is a wonderful and fun way to stay young, healthy and maintain your balance.

Lovelace Women’s Hospital is the first and only hospital dedicated to women’s health in New Mexico, and provides a setting to accomplish some of the best work, outcomes and happiest patients in women’s health. Dr. Linda Ann Smith has specialized in caring for Breast Disease for over 20 years. Marlyn Newby specializes in Newborns and Women’s Care. Michael Walker has been a Professional Dancer all his life and has performed all over the world.

Hopefully you’ll become inspired to take up dancing too. It’s great fun and a wonderful way to help keep you happy and healthy.