Increased Breast Disease in Women and Men

Dr. Linda Ann Smith on The Spectrum Daily Show spoke with host Ruth Franks about the diet and environmental influences related to the increase in breast disease in both women and men.

Concerns around our general diets, hormones in our food and environment seem to be an increased contributing factor for breast disease in our entire population. As obesity has risen in our country we have seen a direct link to the increased fat levels in our bodies and the growing number of breast disease cases in women and men. It has also been observed that frequent marijuana use runs a high risk of developing breast disease, especially in men.

It’s important that both women and men give themselves regular breast exams checking for masses, pain, discharge or any change where one breast develops over the other. For new mothers who nurse their babies, breast feeding provides a huge decrease in risk for breast cancer due to the natural chemical reset in the breasts that comes from nursing. Addressing survivorship is also another important factor in the treatment of breast disease.

Watch the interview to discover more about Dr. Smith and breast disease. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.